Calendo Version 0.5: Live Updates and Notifications

Calendo Version 0.5: Live Updates and Notifications

Our apps are getting better and better with each update, and the time has come for a new update for Calendo with some important new features.

Live Updates

As we are working on bringing Live Updates to all our apps, Calendo is now getting this feature too! With Live Updates, your data stays always up-to-date. When you create a Todo or Appointment on one device, it will immediately show up on all other devices. The video below shows this in action.


Calendo can now remind you of Appointments and Todos! Check the reminder option when creating an Appointment or Todo and you will receive a notification at the specified time.

Note that reminders are currently only available for logged in users.

That's it for this update. We work on updates for our other apps as well, so stay tuned!