Calendo Version 0.7: Todo lists

Calendo Version 0.7: Todo lists

It's time for Calendo to receive an update with a major new feature and improved design.

Todo lists

You can now create todo lists with an unlimited amount of todos. With dav Plus, you can also create todo lists within todo lists, which means todo lists can be infinitely nested (at least theoretically).

Calendo Screenshot 1

As with normal todos, you can assign todo lists to groups and set a specific date. You can also see the todo lists of the current day on the start page and check your todos there.

Other changes

Aside from the todo lists, the design was slightly improved, now featuring shadows and using icons and components from Microsoft's Fluent Design library.

We also simplified the Account page and added a note about dav Plus with the available features:

Calendo Screenshot 3

That's all for this update, but stay tuned for more features, especially for dav Plus and Pro!