UniversalSoundboard 2.4: Sound Catalog & sound effects

UniversalSoundboard 2.4: Sound Catalog & sound effects

We start the new year with a substantial update with innovative new features for discovering sounds for your soundboard. Let's dive right in!

Sound Catalog

Introducing the Sound Catalog, the new source for providing you with an endless stream of audio gems.

Discover sounds in the Sound Catalog

This is how it works:

  • Discover New Sounds: Explore the Sound Catalog and find the perfect sound for any occasion. From quirky effects to ambient backgrounds, the possibilities are endless.
  • Add to Your Soundboard: Found a sound you love? Simply add it to your soundboard with a single tap, and it's ready to play whenever you want.
  • Upload and Share: Got a unique sound that the world needs to hear? You can now upload your own sounds directly from your soundboard and showcase your creativity to the UniversalSoundboard community.
  • Promote your sounds: Want more exposure and recognition for your creations? Use the promotion feature to showcase your uploaded sounds on the start page of the Sound Catalog for three days.
Find any type of sound on the Sound Catalog

The Sound Catalog uses the vast array of sounds from freesound.org, a community-driven platform for sound enthusiasts, where anyone can upload their audio tracks to share with the world.

Sound effects

We understand that customization is key when it comes to creating the perfect auditory experience. Enter the Effect Manager, a simple tool that allows you to toggle global effects for all sounds in your soundboard. Whether you want a smooth fade-in, a gradual fade-out, or a creative pitch shift, the Effect Manager puts you in control.

The new Effect Manager

You can also fine-tune the effect properties to suit your preferences. Adjust the duration of fade-ins and fade-outs, or tweak the pitch of your sounds with precision.

To make it more simple to find tools like the Effect Manager, we added a new tools button, where you can also find the Sound Recorder.

The new tools button

Other changes

Download sounds from myinstants.com

Using the sound download feature, you can now download sounds directly from myinstants.com.

Download sounds from myinstants.com

In addition to that, the app now saves the source of downloaded sounds. You can directly navigate to the source from the properties of the sound.

See the sound source in the properties

With these new features, UniversalSoundboard is not just a sound player – it's a platform for sound enthusiasts to discover, share, and customize their audio experience like never before.

Thank you for being part of the UniversalSoundboard community. We can't wait to hear what amazing audio tracks you will share with the world!

David ✌️