Two years dav

Two years dav

Another year has passed since the introduction of dav, and usually I use this opportunity to look back at the changes of the last year. I am aware that there was only one small update for Calendo, which is barely worth mentioning, but I have been busy to work on great new things, which will be announced on this blog when the time is right, so stay tuned!

But aside from that, I want at least to let you know some of our usage numbers, which are slowly increasing.


We are now at more than 400 registered users (from 100+ last year) with around 50 monthly active users (from ~20) within all apps.

UniversalSoundboard has around 30 montly active users (from ~5) and Calendo around 10 (from ~15).

Additionally, UniversalSoundboard recently hit 5.000 downloads in the Microsoft Store 🎉

With such small numbers, the fluctuations are rather great. Also note that these numbers count only for logged in users. Most users are using our apps without logging in.

That's all for now. As I said above, you will get the lastest announcements here, but until that stay safe!