Four years dav

Four years dav

Another year has passed and we are now at four years after the introduction of dav. As each year, I want to review the year and share some statistics.


We just reached 2.200 signed up users (from over 1.100 last year). Across all apps, we have over 120 monthly active users who are logged in (last year: ~80). Thanks to the first Plus features in UniversalSoundboard, there are now around 15 users subscribed to dav Plus.


Almost six years after its initial release, UniversalSoundboard continues to do very well. Recently it reached 19.000 downloads in the Microsoft Store (from 12.000 last year). There are in total about 700 monthly active users (from ~600), but it varies much throughout the year. Of those 700 users, around 100 are logged in.


Usage numbers for PocketLib are still very low, but we are working to improve the app and add more books to the PocketLib Store. We are proud to announce that there are now more than 400 books in the Store, most of them produced by StandardEbooks.


Calendo is currently not a priority for us and usage numbers didn't change very much compared to last year. Logged in users are insignificant, but there are more than 15.000 visitors per month (20.000 last year).

That's all for today. Stay tuned for more updates and new Plus features in the coming year!